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Art Week

Week 3, Art Week 2018:

Sunday July 22 – Saturday July 28

Art Week is for campers age 7 – 13.

Program Leader: Duffy Dillinger

Duffy's_Portrait-thumb-200x133 Duffy Dillinger is an art teacher  now living in NJ.  She has lived all over the US and has raised “three remarkable people” while teaching  art all of her life.  She, in fact, was the art director of an day camp in her first  full time job!

“I love children and passing on whatever I know about art, life, love etc. …I wish to experience the beauty of Lake Oneida and the faith filled, fun filled days  at St. Andrew’s Camp”

Her own spiritual journey  has brought her into direct contact with the Orthodox church, its churches and Liturgy and she hopes for the “union of all”.

We will  create the Surreal Shadow Boxes with the older kids and introduce the artist (via books, images) Joseph Cornell to them.The emphasis will be on using found objects and images to create varied, nuanced and 3 dimensional scene or collaged “space” .  Younger campers will make  playful Shadow Boxes of places from memory or dreams. I will teach them the elements of design and 3 layers of space (foreground, middle and background)   We will also make Japanese  fish, wind socks called: Koinobori that can decorate the camp inside or out. Also, we can make paper mache masks (all ages) for a little dramatic play at the end of the week.

Tuition is $300 per week
Registration Fee $50.00 (Non Refundable)
Transportation Fee $20 Pick Up from Syracuse, $20 Return

If interested or needed, please complete the scholarship form below and return with your application. This form, in addition to a completed camp application and registration fee, must be completed in order to be considered for a scholarship.

SAC scholarship info and application

Campers should download the Camper zip file below (contains application and medical forms). Fill out the forms and return them.


You can online register below to start the registration, although the camper forms are also required:

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