2019 Horse Week Photos

2019 Art Week Photos

Saint Andrews Camp Video 2019

2018 Bike Ride Photos

Final recital of ballroom dance class

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2018 Art Week Photos


2018 Ecology Week Photos

Help a Camper – Archbishop Michael’s appeal for scholarship assistance.

May 25, 2018 Beloved in the Lord: Glory to Jesus Christ! As we embark on another summer season at Saint Andrew’s Camp this July, I write to you this appeal for the support of those young Orthodox Christians, being spiritually formed and educated in our Faith at our camping facility to become the future lay and clergy leaders of our Church, who are in
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Open Planning Meeting, March 3, 2018

Dear Friends of St. Andrew’s Camp, An open meeting will be held on Saturday March 3 at Holy Resurrection Church in Wayne NJ  285 French HIll Rd.  Please join  us to ask questions, to offer recommendations, to volunteer for tasks before the season as well as to volunteer during the camping season.  Several ideas are being looked at concerning the traditional camping program as well as adding either senior
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