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Aimed in the direction of someone uninterested in spending numerous hours education with weights and doing aerobic and with out seeing extra profits, one zero one High-Intensity routines for quick effects offers a life of exercises that regularly elevate lean muscle tissues and decrease physique fats utilizing scientifically confirmed tools of brief, high-intensity bouts of educating.

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EXERCISE Bent-Over Row Pushdown Hanging Leg Raise SETS/REPS 12/12 12/12 12/12 REST 2 min. 2 min. 1 min. EXERCISE Incline Flye Barbell Curl SETS/REPS 12/12 12/12 REST 2 min. 2 min. EXERCISE Dumbbell Overhead Press Leg Press Seated Calf Raise SETS/REPS 12/12 REST 2 min. 12/12 12/12 2 min. 1 min. EXERCISE Pulldown Close-Grip Bench Press Cable Crunch SETS/REPS 12/12 12/12 REST 2 min. 2 min. 12/12 1 min. indd 35 35 10/20/09 3:55:53 PM CHAPTER DUMBBELL OVERHEAD PRESS >> Your front delts will be issued a beating with 8–15 sets of this move.

1 min. indd 39 39 10/23/09 12:31:00 PM CHAPTER I In the gym, your days of resting longer than you’re actually lifting are history. Doing a set that lasts 20–30 seconds, then taking a 1–2-minute breather before another half-minute set? No more. Gone. Sayonara. Well, at least for now. Your sets and rest periods are about to flip, and you’ll be lifting for twice as long as you break. Here’s what’s in store: Short rest periods and highrep sets performed at such an intensity that you’ll use roughly half your normal weight.

When you reach the end of each workout, you’ll be wiped out like never before. LAT PULLDOWN In the program that begins on page 41, you’ll do 2–4 exercises Tabata-style per muscle group. Do each exercise for eight sets of 20 seconds, performing as many reps as possible (your numbers will vary, depending on individual rep speed and fatigue levels), with only 10 seconds of rest between each set. indd 47 47 10/23/09 12:31:47 PM CHAPTER you’ll rest the four minutes it takes him to complete his eight sets), then repeat for the next exercise.

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