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Professional assistance and methods for construction plastic, wooden, plaster, paper, and steel constructions. comprises roofing, portray, weathering, and detailing details.

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The blue and Sienna will start to neu- tralize everything that you've done, so be careful. The colors will settle into different areas, depend- ing on the wetness of the plaster. If you think one color is a little heavy, rinse the brush, wipe it on the swatch of paper towel, then dab away the color. Dip the brush in the clean water and brush away the color until it looks light enough, or blot away excess color with the paper-towel pad. Positioning the wall section so that the bottom edge is higher than the top will let darker colors run YES YOU CAN!

LZ_ ft 2 - — 7-V -—r i-j » 1-, -*" ,. , ,( ,, =•« ~~- i o rxo U TT-7 T&-f 1', I LJ^JLj \dh-Mi -r-^-4 f w'v" I While you and draw guidelines indicating in the pages of a big book for several days. wait, lay out the roof the placement of the top edges of the shingles. Cut the thin cedar wrappers into individual shakes paper cutter comes in handy for this), and glue to the roof (I like Pliobond here). Start at the bottom edge of the sub-roof and work toward the top. Coloring is up to you. The cedar can be left as-is for new shakes, or weathered with A- West Weather-It (a for a silvery, weatherbeaten look.

Start with the stores) Cadmium Yellow, Rose Madder, Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean Blue, and following: Erulean Yellow, Burnt Sienna. These starter colors can be combined to make realstone wall and concrete colors. Please, don't let the fancy names confuse you, what you're really selecting are basic reds, yellows, blues, and earth shades. These can be combined on the palette to make all the other colors you need. As an example, make green by mixing yellow and blue or combine Burnt Sienna and Cerulean Blue for a nice neutral earth color then add a little yellow and it becomes a good simulation of weathered copper.

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