By University of Hawaii at Manoa Alexander Vovin

Including half 1 of an analogous grammar (Sources, Script and Phonology, Lexicon and Nominals), this two-volume set represents the main particular and exhaustive description ever performed of any language, together with jap of the previous jap language of the Yamato quarter in the course of the Asuka Nara interval. It offers hundreds and hundreds of examples drawn not just from the main outdated eastern texts comparable to the Man'yoshu, the Senmyo, the Kojiki kayo and the Nihonshoki kayo but in addition from all minor extant texts corresponding to the Fudoky kayo, the Bussoku seki ka, and others. it is also comparative fabric from japanese outdated jap as soon as spoken within the zone approximately reminiscent of present-day southern Chubu and Kanto areas, in addition to from Ryukyuan and infrequently from different surrounding languages. half 2 is followed by way of exhaustive and cumulative indexes to either volumes, together with separate indexes on all grammatical kinds defined, linguistic varieties, own names, in addition to an index of all outdated jap texts which are used as examples within the description.

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Z.. J"--r- ututu-ni pa ap-u yosi mo na-si reality-LOC TOP meet-ATTR chance PT no-FIN There is not even a chance to meet in reality (MYS V: 807) ~~~~_W_~~W~~~1h~~g~. kusi myi-tama ima-no wotutu-ni taputwo-kyi ro kamu mysterious HON-stone now-GEN reality-LOC awesome-A TTR DV(ATTR)PT [these] mysterious stones are awesome in the present [day's] reality! (MYS V: 813) f~~~Z ~:t:~* ~tfJi~ ututu-ni si taNta n-i ar-an-e-Npa reality-LOC PT direct DV-INF exist-NEG-EV-CON because [it] was not directly in the reality (MYS XVII: 3978) 4 Cited according to Kuroita & Matsuyama 1965-66, vol.

1&P ~ miy ongana: 7T, kun ana: ~ ~ 7K $ ADDITIONS TO PART 1 rnu ongana: 4=~7f, kungana: -J:\ rnye rney rnwo rno rno ya yu ye ywo yo ra n ru ongana: re rwo ro wa ongana: t" It 419 420 GRAMMAR OF WESTERN OLD JAPANESE kungana: WI we wo IMPORTANT NOTE ON WESTERN OLD JAPANESE PHONOLOGY It is traditionally believed that Western Old Japanese had the [VjCVCVCV... phonotactics, at least in the native vocabulary, and that there are only few exceptions to this rule, for example kai 'oar' or kui 'regret' where we have vowel clusters lail and lui/.

3 Thus, if the scribes in Ancient Japan were trying to adopt a syllabic writing system that did not have these contrasts, we would expect that they may not indicate the contrasts that were present in their own language either. Nevertheless, the morphophonological evidence discussed above is not going to disappear. It is therefore necessary in the future to scrutinize the text of the Nihonshoki kayo written in variety B of the man 'yogana (based directly on Late Middle Chinese) to see if any difference in usage between the Chinese characters that exhibit the contrasts *yi : *'}i and *wu : *'}u can be detected.

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