By Eugene Hudson Long, R. G. Collmer

Covers a various diversity of pursuits in American literature.

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A Philosophical Novelist: George Santayana and the Last Puritan

H. T. Kirby-Smith makes use of Santayana’s 1936 novel, The final Puritan, as either an celebration and a way for bringing into concentration the complicated family among Santayana’s lifestyles, his character, and his philosophy. commencing with an account of Santayana’s numerous literary kinds and arguing for the importance of Santayana’s writing of philosophy as literature, Kirby-Smith notes that Santayana observed the rational lifestyles as a continuous adjustment and lodging of contradictory claims.

The modern allegories of William Golding

This learn of the paintings of William Golding makes a speciality of Golding's language and symbolism, setting up the 1983 Nobel Prize winner as a contemporary allegorist within the culture of Hawthorne, Melville, and Conrad. trained through the severe theories of Edwin Honig and Angus Fletcher, Dickson's is an allegorical research of Golding's paintings and offers serious reports to incorporate 9 of his novels.

Restless Men: Masculinity and Robinson Crusoe, 1788–1840

Robinson Crusoe's name to event and selfmade payment resonated with British explorers. In tracing the hyperlinks in a discursive chain by which a specific male subjectivity used to be solid, Karen Downing unearths how such males took their tensions with them to Australia, in order that the colonies by no means have been an answer to stressed men's anxieties.

Homes and haunts : touring writers’ shrines and countries

This can be the 1st full-length research of literary tourism in North the United States in addition to Britain and a distinct exploration of renowned reaction to writers, literary residence museums, and the landscapes or "countries" linked to their lives and works. An interdisciplinary examine starting from 1820-1940, houses and Haunts: traveling Writers' Shrines and nations unites museum and tourism experiences, booklet heritage, narrative thought, theories of gender, area, and issues, and different methods to depict and interpret the haunting stories of exhibited homes and the curious background of topo-biographical writing approximately recognized authors.

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Other stories share something with Hawthorne's account of Johnson's penance at Uttoxeter, although not to the same degree as those already discussed. In "The White Old Maid" a young woman kills the man she loves because he loves her sister instead. The proud sister, the unacknowledged murderer, begs forgiveness but is told, " 'Go, and live many years, and then return, and tell me of thy life. He, too, will be here! Then, if thou tellest of sufferings more than death, we will both forgive thee' " (IX, 371).

Only when, as an old man himself, expressing his "deep repentance and humiliation of heart'' by standing at noon-day on ''the very spot" (significantly "near the corner of the ivy-mantled church") where his father's bookstall had been, is he able to be forgiven (VI, 248). The themes of pride, guilt, and expiation are reinforced by the framing story. Edward, who is confined to a darkened chamber because of bandaged eyes, has become despotic in his demands that everybody contribute to his comfort and amusement.

He regretted, deeply and bitterly, the moral cowardice that had restrained his words, when he was about to disclose the truth to Dorcas; but pride, the fear of losing her affection, the dread of universal scorn, forbade him to rectify this falsehood. [X, 34849] Even though his common sense tells him that there was nothing he could have done about Roger, the "concealment had imparted to a justifiable act, much of the secret effect of guilt" and it becomes "like a serpent, gnawing into his heart" (X, 349, 350).

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