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Anatomy & body structure: a really effortless! exercise routine positive factors over 250 stress-free perform workouts to aid readers comprehend anatomy and body structure conveniently. an ideal spouse to Anatomy & body structure Made highly Easy!, this workbook makes use of the light-hearted awfully effortless! writing kind that makes studying and reviewing complicated details much less threatening and extra enjoyable. Chapters try out the reader's wisdom of anatomic constructions and physiologic techniques for each physique procedure in addition to genetics, chemical association, and fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base stability. Readers commence each one bankruptcy with a quick Warm-up define overview after which maneuver via perform workouts, together with crossword puzzles, matching video games, and labeling. Nurse pleasure and different host characters provide training and encouragement.

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Intertarsal and intercarpal joints of the hands and feet 2. Hinge joints _______ B. Carpometacarpal joints of the thumb 3. Pivot joint _______ C. Radius 4. Condylar joints _______ D. Elbow and knee 5. Ball-and-socket joints _______ E. Shoulder and hip joints 6. Saddle joints _______ F. Radiocarpal and metacarpophalangeal joints of the hand Jumble gym Unscramble the first three words below to discover the terms used to classify a joint by function; then unscramble the next three words to discover the terms used to classify a joint by structure.

Axial skeleton _______ F. Binds bones to other bones 7. Appendicular skeleton _______ G. Location where a muscle becomes a tendon 8. Tendon _______ H. Enables bones to move when skeletal muscles contract 9. Ligament _______ I. Point where a muscle attaches to the more movable bone 10. Circumduction _______ J. Point where a muscle attaches to stationary or less movable bone Power stretch The human skeleton contains 206 bones, which are divided into two categories. First, unscramble the words in the boxes below to identify the names of the two skeletons.

Sheath of fibrous connective tissue surrounding a muscle fiber • 3. Bands of fibrous connective tissue that attach muscle to the periosteum • 4. Dense, strong, flexible bands of fibrous connective tissue that bind bones to other bones • 7. Point where a muscle attaches to the more movable bone • 9. Tiny, threadlike structures comprising the bulk of a muscle fiber • 11. 29 Finish line The following illustration shows anterior and posterior views of some of the major muscles. Flex your mental muscle, and see if you can name them all.

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