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Groups of Diffeomorphisms: In Honor of Shigeyuki Morita on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday

This quantity comprises chosen paper on fresh developments and ends up in the learn of varied teams of diffeomorphisms, together with mapping category teams, from the perspective of algebraic and differential topology, in addition to dynamical ones regarding foliations and symplectic or touch diffeomorphisms.

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On the level of the expanded Lagrangian (156), the explicit breaking of chiral symmetry is introduced by an explicit pion mass term. Consequently corrections to the scattering 33 lengths due to the nucleon pole diagrams should be of the order of m2π , since two derivative ¯ µ τ ψ) · Φ × (∂ µ Φ) , which couplings are involved. However, the coupling δL = − 4f1 2 (ψγ π contributes to first order to the isospin-odd amplitude, should give rise to a term ∼ mf 2π π in agreement with our previous findings (126).

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