By Stoyan R., Binnewies S., Friedrich S.

В атласе дана исчерпывающая информация по всем объектам Каталога Мессье (фотографии, история открытия, местоположение на небосводе, условия наблюдения итп), также изложена биография составителя Чарльза Мессье, и история развития самого каталога.-

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Re-observed on March 22nd 1781. 63 58 Apr 15 1779 h 12 26 min 30 s 186° 37' 23" 13° 2' 42"B Very faint nebula discovered in the Virgin, near the parallel of H 3rd magnitude. The least light to illuminate the micrometer wires causes it to disappear. M. Messier reported it on the Chart of the Comet of 1779, which can be found in the volume of the Academy of the same year. 59 Apr 15th 1779 12h 30min 47s 187° 41' 38" 12° 52' 36"B Nebula in the Virgin & in the neighborhood of the previous, on the parallel of H, which served for the determination: it is of the same light as that above, just as faint.

It is not without difficulty that this nebula can be seen in a simple refractor of 3 feet & a half. The Comet of 1779 was compared to this nebula by M. Messier on April 22nd & 23rd: the Comet & the Nebula had the same brightness. M. Messier reported this nebula on the Chart of the path of this Comet, 13h 20min 23s 200° 5' 48" 48° 24' 24"B Sep 7th 1774 23h 14min 38s 348° 39' 27" 60° 22' 12"B Cluster of very small stars, mingled with nebulosity, which cannot be seen except in an achromatic refractor.

65 th June 14th 1779 Mar 1st 1780 11h 7min 24s 166° 50' 54" 14° 16' 8"B Nebula discovered in the Lion; it is very faint & does not contain any star. 66 Mar 1st 1780 11h 8min 47s 167° 11' 39" 14° 12' 21"B Nebula discovered in the Lion; its light very faint & very near the previous: they appear both in the same field of the refractor. The Comet observed in 1773 & 1774 had passed between these two nebulae from November 1st to 2nd 1773. M. Messier did not see them then, without doubt, because of the light of the Comet.

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