By Inc. BarCharts

Whole, categorized illustrations of 12 parts of the circulatory procedure.

Illustrations through award-winning clinical illustrator Vincent Perez.

Chart contains exact diagrams of:
· veinous process
· arterial method
· circulatory procedure
· schema: head & neck
· blood circuits
· Circle of Willis
· skull & arteries
· blood vessels
· hepatic portal veins
· coronary arteries & cardiac veins
· arteries of mind

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A) Lateral view (b) Dorsoventral view Nuchal attachments which fuse with the dermal bone plates (Figs. 11). There is no sternum. In contrast to the fused trunk, the cervical and caudal vertebrae are free. The neck and tail are highly flexible and have well-developed epaxial and hypaxial muscles (Evans 1986). Neural 1 Peripheral 2 2 Cervical vertebrae The eight cervical vertebrae allow for bending of the neck sideways (Pleurodira) or inside the shell (Cryptodira). The Pleurodira cannot retract their head entirely inside the shell and this lack of protection may explain why they have been less successful and their range limited to the southern continents.

It is thought that, similarly to birds, reptiles have a valve system in place such that when the valve is closed blood flows through the kidney to the heart. However, under stress the valves open to bypass the kidney. The control of the valve is unknown but it may be opened by adrenaline and closed by acetylcholine, as in birds. qxd 3/9/05 2:40 PM Page 32 Reptiles Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of Exotic Species 32 ovary. Although the full mechanism is still unknown it acts through the sex steroid hormones.

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