By Mariusz Lukasik, Janusz Światloń, Arkadiusz Wrobel

3 huge sticker sheets with 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 person markings for three Spitfire Mk Is, 6 typhoon Mk Is, 7 Bf 109 Es and three Bf 110s. each one portray scheme is depicted on superbly drawn color profiles and defined within the 36 web page guidebook with English and varnish textual content. the choice comprises the next aircraft:
- Spitfire Mk I (X4382) coded LO-G of No 602 Sqn RAF, flown by way of P/O Osgood 'Pedro' Hanbury, Westhampnett, August 1940,
- Spitfire Mk I (N3249) coded QJ-P of No ninety two Sqn RAF, flown by way of Sgt Ralph „Titch” Havercroft, Pembrey, August 1940,
- Spitfire Mk I (X4474) coded QV-I of No 19 Sqn RAF, flown by way of Sgt B.J. Jennings, Fowlmere, August 1940,
- typhoon Mk I (V7607) coded DT-H of No 257 Sqn RAF; Coltinshall, November 1940,
- storm Mk I (P3143) coded NN-D of No 310 (Czech) Sqn RAF; Duxford, 7 September 1940,
- storm Mk I (P3144) coded GZ-B of No 32 Sqn RAF, flown via S/Ldr J. Worrall and F/Lt M. N. Crossley, Biggin Hill/Hawkinge, July 1940,
- typhoon Mk I (V7504) coded RF-G of No 303 Sqn RAF, flown by way of Sgt Stanisław Karubin, Leconfield, November 1940,
- typhoon Mk I (V6941) coded WX-W of No 302 Sqn RAF, Duxford, November 1940,
- storm Mk I (P2923) coded VY-R of No eighty five Sqn RAF, flown by way of F/O Albert G. Lewis, Croydon, August 1940,
- Bf 109 E-1; W.Nr. 3367, 'Red 14', flown via Uffz. Leo Zaunbrecher of 5./JG fifty two, Peuplingues, August 1940,
- Bf 109 E-3; W.Nr. 1155, 'Black 11', most likely flown via Uffz. Fritz Mias of 5./JG three, Brombos, early August 1940,
- Bf 109 E-3; 'Black 1', flown by means of Oblt. Horst Tietzen, Staffelkapitän of 5./JG fifty one, Marquise-West, sixteen August 1940,
- Bf 109 E-4; W.Nr. 5153, 'Yellow 5', flown via Oblt. Egon Troha, Staffelkapitän of 9./JG three, Shepherdswell, 29 October 1940,
- Bf 109 E-4; W.Nr. 1641, 'Black 6', flown via Hptm. Ernst Wiggers, Staffelkapitän of 2./JG fifty one, St. Inglevert, September 1940,
- Bf 109 E-4; W.Nr. 5159, 'White 9', flown by way of Oblt. Hermann Reifferscheidt, Staffelkapitän of 1./JG 2, Beaumont-le-Roger, October 1940,
- Bf 109 E-4; 'Black Chevron', flown via Lt. Erich Schmidt, Adjutant of III./JG fifty three, Etaples, November 1940,
- Bf one hundred ten C-2; W.Nr. 3560, coded L1+XB, staff: pilot - Hptm. Horst Liensberger, Gruppenkommandeur of V.(Z)/LG 1; radio operator - Uffz. Albert Köpge, France, summer season 1940,
- Bf a hundred and ten C-5; coded 5F+MM of 4.(F)/14, Cherbourg, summer time 1940,
- Bf one hundred ten D-0/B; W.Nr. 3371, coded S9+AH, flown via Hptm. Martin Lutz, Gruppenkommandeur of Erprobungsgruppe 210, Octeville, September 1940.

The sticky label sheet additionally comprises primary serial numbers for Bf 109s.

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