By Judith Goodenough

With a brand new open, student-friendly structure and extra media integration, the Fourth version of Biology of people: ideas, purposes, and concerns maintains to customize the examine of human biology. Its conversational writing kind, lovely artwork, plentiful purposes, and studying instruments improve your critical-thinking talents. The authors supply a conceptual framework that can assist you know how bodies paintings, and to house matters proper to human health and wellbeing in today’s international. You’ll achieve an appreciation for the intricacy of the human physique and where of people within the ecosphere.

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In contrast, protons have a positive charge, and electrons have a negative charge. The negatively charged electrons stay near the nucleus because they are attracted to the positively charged protons in it. Most atoms have the same number of positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. As a result, they are “neutral,” having no net charge. 1 summarizes the basic characteristics of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Elements An element is a pure form of matter containing only one kind of atom.

12 CHAPTER 1 Humans in the World of Biology • There are strict rules concerning experiments on humans and other animals. Drugs are usually tested on animals before they are tested on humans. If no ill effects in animals are observed, the drug is then tested on humans. Phase I trials determine whether the drug is safe for humans, phase II determines whether it works for its intended purpose, and phase III determines whether it is more effective than existing treatments. • The design of a human experiment often includes an experimental group that receives the treatment and a control group that receives a placebo.

Augment your lectures, show students the relevance of the subject matter, and increase comprehension using these robust media tools. W Editable PowerPoint® slides with embedded links to ABC News videos and Web Animations enliven lectures and spark classroom discussion. com This resource provides tips for teaching non-majors by making the material relevant, interesting, and interactive. Each chapter includes the following: • Objectives that identify goals for students and instructors • New Fact or Fiction true/false statements along with their corresponding answers • Lecture activity suggestions with objectives, procedures, and assessment suggestions • Suggestions for class demonstrations and student activities • Resources (new listing of books, articles, websites, and videos relevant to the topics and issues presented) • New case studies with accompanying critical thinking questions Instructor Resource DVD 978-0-321-74250-6 • 0-321-74250-8 Augment your lectures and increase student comprehension with a range of ready-to-use media supplements.

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