By M. T. Silva (auth.), Robert M. Burton, Francisco Carvalho Guerra (eds.)

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Theorizing the Dynamics of Social Processes (Current Perspectives in Social Theory 27)

The chapters during this quantity symbolize steps towards demonstrating the significance of efforts to theorize the dynamics of particular social, cultural, political, and/or monetary techniques to the social sciences ordinarily. they target to explain how these efforts are crucial to the middle undertaking of every of the social sciences, and the way social concept is either in particular good located to take on this problem and to simply accept accountability for illuminating comparable chances.

The Dynamics of the Computer Industry: Modeling the Supply of Workstations and their Components

Desktops speak globally through satellite tv for pc or fiber optic hyperlinks, broad sector networks proportion assets hundreds of thousands of miles away, and the typical domestic could have the capability of entry details on the push of a button - the electronic details age has arrived! a number of applied sciences have made this machine age attainable, helped it develop, and affected its dynamics over the years.

Structures and Dynamics of Asphaltenes

The investigative attack upon the enigmatic asphaltenes has lately ended in sig­ nificant advances in lots of diverse disciplines. Taken separately, each one self-discipline exposes definite elements of asphaltenes, yet every one, on my own, can by no means exhibit asphaltenes from all van­ tages. Even possible narrowly centred matters equivalent to the molecular buildings of asphal­ tenes, or the colloidal constructions of asphaltenes require a confluence of many strains of research to yield an figuring out which differs from fact by way of diminishing uncer­ tainty.

Dynamics of Distribution and Diffusion of New Technology: A Contribution to the Historical, Economic and Social Route of a Developing Economy

This ebook provides a finished research of adoption and diffusion of expertise in constructing nations in a old standpoint. Combining the advance of development trajectories of the Indian economic climate mostly and its production specifically, the ebook highlights the powerful marriage among qualitative and quantitative tools for a greater knowing and explaining of many hidden dynamic behaviors of adoption and diffusion development in production undefined.

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30:192 (1966). F. Op den Kamp Department of Biochemistry University of Utrecht Padualaan 8 Utrecht, The Netherlands INTRODUCTION It is only about one decade ago when it was for the first time proposed that the phospholipids in a biological membrane might be distributed over both halves of the bilayer in a highly asymmetric fashion. This proposal of Bretscher was based on the observations that treatment of intact erythrocytes with NH2-grouP specific reagents does not result in the labeling of appreciable quantities of the amino-phospholipids, phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphatidylserine (PS), whereas these phospholipids could be easily labeled when open ghost membranes were exposed to the reagents (1).

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