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A meeting of articles bringing jointly wisdom of either the synthesis and degradation of a pervasive organic substance, cellulose. issues contain local cellulose; particle rosettes and terminal globules; microfibril biogenesis; synthesis in Acetobacter xylinum ; biodegradation dimension; e

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On the other hand, cellulose organization in at least one species, Halocynthia papillosa, resembles the helicoidal patterns found in numerous secondary plant cell walls (141; see also Chap. 2). A third form is seen in Pyura stolonifera in which freeze-fracturing reveals bundles of microfibrils that approach 400 nm in diameter (138). Such bundling is more typical of the aggregation of collagen fibrils that is often seen in vertebrate connective tissue (138, 144). Animal cellulose may not be confined to the tunicates.

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