Mapping from an Inbound 834 Most of the concepts are the same between an 837 and an 834; dates have to be transformed, loops have to be structured. In this section, you’ll look at mapping an 834 to a canonical structure, which is an intermediary structure that represents the internal structure of an 834. Canonical schema structures are somewhat controversial. Some organizations simply require that all inbound data that may have two or more trading partners delivering the same document types must map to a common canonical structure.

Orchestration Binding The orchestration is set to pick up a file of type 837P, map it to ECSIF, archive it, and then send out the ECSIF document. Once it has been deployed, it needs to be bound to the appropriate Receive and Send Ports. BizTalk. Inbound orchestration you have built and deployed. 27 Chapter 2 Solution: Receiving 837P Data • Click on the Bindings tab and set the Host property to the BizTalk Server Application host that is available. • Set the Receive Port property to the Receive Port you created called Company.

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