By Alessandra Bianco; Ilaria Cacciotti; Ilaria Cappelloni

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29] M. Cicuéndez, I. Izquierdo-Barba, S. Sánchez-Salcedo, M. Vila, M. Vallet-Regí, Biological performance of hydroxyapatite–biopolymer foams: In vitro cell response, Acta Biomater. 8 (2012) 802-810. C. A. Guelcher, Dual delivery of an antibiotic and a growth factor addresses both the microbiological and biological challenges of contaminated bone fractures, Expert Opin. Drug Deliv. 8 (2011) 1555-1569. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 41 AP40 bioactive glass ceramic by sol-gel synthesis: in vitro dissolution and cell-mediated bioresorption Ilaria Cacciotti1,a,*, Giorgia Lehmann2,b, Antonella Camaioni2,c, Alessandra Bianco1,d 1 University of Rome ‘‘Tor Vergata’’, Dept.

It was demonstrated that the thermal pre-treatment conditions remarkably influenced the crystalline phase evolution, the microstructure and the in vitro dissolution kinetics. The XRD and FT-IR investigations revealed that the synthesized powder mainly consisted of fluoroapatite at 600 °C and of β-tricalcium phosphate, wollastonite, fluoroapatite and sodium calcium silicate at 1100 °C. Preliminary in vitro cell tests demonstrated that this material was able to support and promote the differentiation of human peripheral blood monocytes towards osteoclastic phenotype.

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