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Welcome to the Saint Andrew’s Camp Blog!

We greet you in Our Risen Lord and welcome you to the first-ever Saint Andrew’s Camp blog!  As many of you former campers, counselors, and other alumni with connections to Saint Andrew’s know, camp is a fun, dynamic place where many memories have been created and will continue to be created.

As a way to share the fun that camp brings, we will be facilitating this blog, with the following goals in mind:

1)  Before the camping season: To give prospective campers, volunteers, and staff the opportunity to view the plans for the coming season, and get important updates, information, ideas, and reflections for camp!  Upcoming visitors can also comment, include questions, see photos and other information that is shared – all in anticipation for the upcoming season!

2)   During the camping season: For parents and grandparents and those who won’t be at camp each week, this blog will be a way to connect with your children and understand what is going on at camp on a nearly day-to-day basis.  This will also provide the opportunity for the staff to share pictures with you for you to download, save, print, and share with your friends and relatives!

3)  After the camping season:  Once camp is over, campers can tune into this blog for photos from others, posts and reflections, upcoming news and events, and more!

The Board of Directors welcomes you to the Saint Andrew’s Camp blog!  Enjoy.