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Meet Our Team: Program Director Dianne Chamberlain!

Name:  Dianne Chamberlain
Role: Program Director
Place of Residence:  Fairport, New York
Career:  Teacher of Effective Reading, Fundamentals of Writing, and College Success Skills at both Finger Lakes Community College, Canandaigua, NY and Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY
Your role at Saint Andrew’s:  This is my second year at St. Andrew’s as the Program Director. My responsibilities include: staff training, oversight of the daily camp schedule and activities, and coordination of staff and volunteers as they each pertain to programming.
Favorite Camp Song:  “Out in the Woods”, as performed by the male counselors during summer of 2009
Favorite Camp Memory:  Seeing the game Capture the Flag unfold.  I was not familiar with the game before St. Andrew’s, and have seen first hand why it is a camper favorite.
Favorite Camp Sport:  Archery.  This is an activity that many campers would never have the opportunity to learn otherwise. We are so pleased to offer archery to our campers!
Favorite Book:  The Shack. A terrible event occurred in this man’s life for which he was showered with grace from God to continue living, to be able to cope and to get through the horrific event. The book gives interesting insight and perspective of the Holy Trinity. This book made me think, it made me ask questions and I found myself not wanting to put the book down!
Favorite Saint and Why?:  Dionysios of Zakynthos.  First, He is my patron saint, but his story is also a great one.  He came from royalty on his mother’s side, though he never took advantage of his wealth. By 21 years of age, he was an intellect, mastering several languages and having been educated in theology. After his parents passed, he entered a monastery and was tonsured a monk, then became a priest soon after.  He gave all of his worldly possessions to the poor and had a reputation of being kind and charitable. He was appointed by the ArchBishop of Athens to oversee Aegina. At the age of seventy-five he died. He lived his life by giving to others and was said to have produced true miracles for those who sought him. Those who visit the Island of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Sea, can visit the Church of Dionysious.  It is said that he still walks the island looking out for those in need of a miracle.
Favorite thing about camp: Chapel!  Although I am better versed in the Greek Orthodox liturgical music, I love hearing the campers sing, read and participate in every aspect of the service.  I love the small, intimate setting of the chapel at camp.  I feel extremely close to God there.
Other facts about you and your family:  I decided to relocate from the Tampa Bay area of Florida to the Rochester area of New York just after the camping season of 2009.  It was a big decision and an even bigger move!  My daughter and I are quite happy in Fairport, having found a new church, new friends and having family right around the corner.  We do miss those beautiful sunny Florida days and out family and friends though.
What you did at camp last year:  Last year was a year of learning and growing for me, spiritually, personally and professionally. I met some wonderful people who spend their vacation time to assist at St. Andrew’s, I also met many campers from various parts of the Northeast, and I had the pleasure of working with a small staff of interesting individuals we called counselors. I called my new summer home “the most beautiful thirty acres on Onieda Lake.” I watched shy, reluctant campers come in at the beginning of the week, and watched warm, loving, enthusiastic campers hate to go home at the end of the week.  Many didn’t go home; they chose to stay longer.
What you will be doing at camp this year:  I will once again be working with the counselors and camp program volunteers.  I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new friends as well.