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Meet Our Team: Volunteer Tatiana Hoff (aka Tanya Lapchuk)!

Name:  Tatiana Lapchuk Hoff
Nicknames:  Tanya, Tati
Place of Residence:  New York, New York
Church Ministries:
  • My husband and I are both friends of Saint Andrew’s Camp, and visit during the camping season.
  • We are co-webmasters and photographers of the Saints Peter and Paul South River OCA Parish website.
  • I sing (Soprano) in the church choir and in the Spirit of Orthodoxy choir
  • This summer, in addition to visiting camp for one week, we will be taking a trip to the Hogar Raphael Ayau Orphanage in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  The children there are under the care of Orthodox nuns.  We will be pitching in with facility beautification and improvements.
  • In college, I served as the treasurer for the Pro-Life Organization of Boston College.  My husband are both strongly aligned with the Pro-Life cause.
  • My husband and I support Ancient Faith Radio in listening and sponsorship.
Career:  Human Capital Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, New York, New York
Interesting Fact:  My husband and I met through mission work to Kodiak, Alaska with the Orthodox Church.  Read our story here.
History with Saint Andrew’s Camp:  I was a Saint Andrew’s Camper for 10 years and Counselor/Lifeguard for two, through 2003. Since then, I have been returning as a volunteer, usually for one to two weeks during the summer.  My camp legacies are rock painting and camp beautification projects and aerobic/non-spiritual yoga classes, which were (surprisingly!) big hit among boys and girls alike.
Favorite Books: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, The Orthodox Study Bible, the Twilight series!!  (Team Edward!)

Favorite Saint and Why:  Saint Theodora, who helped Orthodoxy triumph over iconoclasm.

Tatiana’s Orthodox-focused blog:  The True Light.

Favorite Color: Green (Just like St. Andrew’s Camp!)

What you did at camp last year:

Last year, we visited camp for one and a half weeks with a wellness program.  I brought yoga, pilates, aerobic exercise, and relaxation and breathing techniques, all of which the campers really enjoyed.  Jeff played countless games of capture the flag. I also held an educational chocolate tasting of dark, organic chocolates, and provided a discussion about the health benefits of dark chocolate and the cacao plant.  We also spent one week in the kitchen as cooks, which we greatly enjoyed!  Our favorite meal to cook was blueberry pancakes for breakfast, but we also did have a fun time accidentally burning the bacon in the oven!  And, of course, as part of our wellness routine, we made a big push for extra  fruits and veggies that week, though we did treat campers once to ice cream and waffles, too!

Chef Jeff became a pro in the kitchen.  Here he is making scrumptious blueberry pancakes.