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Meet our Team: Camp Director John Kozak!

John with his niece Gabriella at Saint Andrew's Camp during the summer of 2009

Name: John Kozak

Nickname: Johnny

Place of Residence: New York

Church Ministries: Tenor singer in the choir, numerous volunteer efforts and various parishes, churches, and church programs

Home Parish: Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, South River, NJ

Career: John is a retired United States Army Veteran.  He served our country for many years, spending time in Europe and in the Caribbean.  He brings fantastic skills and hard work with him to camp every summer, and they just get better and better!  While he is also disciplined himself and able to instill this upon campers, John is known for being lots of fun.

History and Involvement at Camp: John is returning for his 4th year as camp director, and has been involved in many efforts throughout the years.  John also was a camper along with his twin brother, Tim when he was a child!

Favorite Camp Sport: Lots of them!

What you did at camp last year:  Anything and everything, especially teaching camping skills to the campers, and building camp fires for marshmallow toasting and hot dog cookout.  The campers always loved those nights, and it was fun to build big bonfires with the help of the counselors and campers.

What you will do at camp this year:  Much of the same.  For the first week of camp, John will be leading camp skills yet again, where campers will learn how to prepare camp sites for sleeping outdoors.  This is always a big favorite!