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Axios! Bishop Michael Consecrated to the Episcopacy

His Grace, Bishop Michael, at the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection, New York, NY where he was installed on Sunday, May 9th, pictured here with the chancellor of the Diocese and Saint Andrew’s Camp Board Member, Fr Joseph Lickwar

Saint Andrew’s Camp proclaims Axios! on the occasion of His Grace, Bishop Michael’s, consecration and enthronement as the Bishop of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey.  Click here to view video footage during the Hierarchical Liturgy celebrated on May 8th at Saints Peter and Paul in Jersey City.

The campers, staff and Board of Directors await Vladika’s visits to camp this summer!  Bishop Michael will be at camp once per week, providing campers with the opportunity to meet and get to know a Hierarch through religious education, chapel services and more.

During his first sermon as a hierarch, Bishop Michael spoke about mothers on the occasion of Mother’s day.  His Grace reminded the congregation to thank their mothers and to remember them for teaching not only about “Elmo and Big Bird,” but about the church and the saints, and not only taking them to “piano lessons and soccer practice,” but to church and Sunday school.

Welcome, Bishop Michael!  Eis polla eti, despota!