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A Quick Note from Todd!

Coming to work at St. Andrew’s Camp for the first time this year I did not know what to expect. My first week here was filled with some great information to help us do our job by keeping the campers safe, and have lots of fun. The second week the campers finally arrived from all over NY and NJ. It was great to meet and build a trusting relationship with them. The days are filled with religious ed, swimming, arts and crafts, archery and my favorite campfire at night. It is truly a blessing to be able to attend Matins and Vespers each day and Liturgy twice a week with visiting priests who give up their time to be with the kids. This week we are heading to a local farm where the kids will be learning all about horses and will actually ride them, I’m sure that will be the highlight of their week. Well its late and it was a busy day for all of us here at St. Andrew’s Camp. Please keep us in your God-pleasing prayers.

Yours in Christ’s service,

Sub-Deacon Todd Justin Mokhiber (counselor)