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Meet our Team 2010: Mom Volunteer Vino Chan!

Vino prepares food in the kitchen while her 'boss' for the week, veteran kitchen volunteer, Natasha, looks on in the background

In her first-ever visit to Saint Andrew’s camp, Vino joined the community with her two children (who are campers for weeks 1, 2, and 3) during the first week of camp, spending most of the week working hard and making everyone happy in the kitchen.

Name: Vino Chan

Hometown: Pearl River, New York

Home Parish:  Christ the Savior, Paramus, NJ

Previous Career: Trained in nursing, Vino studied in India and worked in villages during her mission work in Ethiopia.

Favorite Movie:  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Princess Bride

Favorite Saint:  Saint John the Baptist.  In the Orthodox Church that Vino first started attending for services, there was a big icon of Saint John the Baptist that seemed to invite her and her family into the church.  She loves this Saint for his ability to simplify his message for his audience, understanding the level of comprehension and need of the people he spoke to.

Favorite part of first Saint Andrew’s Camp Experience:  Meeting new Orthodox people from other places.

Vino has been spending the past week and will be spending this week at Holy Myrrhbearer’s Monastery in Otego, New York, until she returns to camp to pick up her children.

Thank you for visiting and for your efforts, Vino!