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A Peek into Week 3 — Ecology Week

Ecology Week has just begun at Saint Andrew’s Camp, but lots has already happened despite some weather setbacks (rain)!  Volunteers Tara and Gary Paxton have kicked off the Ecology Week program with a T-shirt making activity.  Today, the campers are on a trip to Green Lakes State Park, where they are enjoying a nature walk coordinated with Mr. and Mrs. Paxton and a tour guide and expert from the park.  They will follow this with swimming in the lovely lake.

Yesterday’s dinner was the classic Monday-night cookout.  Philip Berdy, a former Saint Andrew’s Camp counselor, conducted an indoor hockey activity yesterday evening due to the rain.  At the suggestion of Camp Director, Paul, Philip will be joined by camp veterans Jack Tsypin and Tatiana Hoff in conducting the “old-school” sports warm-up and activities on Wednesday.

Chef Stan put together delicious egg sandwiches on homemade biscuits, and also worked with other volunteers to prepare lunches for today’s trip.  Campers had the choice between a turkey wrap, ham and cheese on a seasoned wrap, an “Italian” sub, or peanut butter and jelly.  Can you guess what sandwich received the greatest number of “orders”?  Let’s answer that for you…PB&J!

Fr. Adam Sexton lead worship this morning (Matins) in the chapel and is accompanying the campers during today’s field trip.

We look forward to welcoming His Grace, Bishop Michael this week on Wednesday, and also the pre-eminent, dedicated volunteer of many years, John Kozak, who arrives today.

A few photos of the start of this week are here!  More to come.