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2016 Program Leaders

Meet Our 2016 Staff and Volunteers




Olga Kirilchenko

My name is Olga Kirilchenko. I am a recent graduate of Saint Valdimir’s Seminary in Yonkers, New York. I am originally from Russia, but have spent almost half my life in the States. I enjoy cooking, swimming, and spending time with friends. I adore my 2.5 year-old nephew, and get to chat with him occasionally via Skype. I was a counselor at Saint Andrew’s last year, and am looking forward to it this summer.

 John Lardas

John Lardas is an undergraduate at UConn from Stratford, CT. He was baptized on the day of the glorification of Saint John of Shanghai in 1994. He looks forward to campfires and hikes. He hopes to one day visit Ireland, Russia, and Greece.

Peter Yackovetsky

Peter Yakovetsky is an 18 year old Eagle Scout and college student majoring in Acting. Aside from acting and entertaining, Peter is a fan of books and movies; he enjoys writing as well. During his time with the Boy Scouts, Peter was a Chaplin’s Aid, and a focused on swimming and first aid.

Jessica Brown

I really like to try to be as open minded as possible, because it is what I want to see in other people. Mental things are amazing to me, as in games, puzzles, and such. I also grew up in a family with six kids in ten years, so I like to say that I know how to deal with children; children tend to imitate those around them. To me there is no point in being sad or upset, because those things aren’t what matters; to be the best that you can be, you need to be aware of this. I also love philosophy – Marcus Aurelius and Ptolemy especially.

Stephan Stoyanov

I am a recent graduate from Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, New York, and am hoping to start graduate school in the fall studying mental health counseling. I love interacting and working with kids, especially in a church setting. I enjoy reading, singing, and spending time with family and friends. I hope to continue to serve the Church in the future, and look forward to spending my summer at Saint Andrew’s!

Rachel Cruickshank
This is my eleventh year at Saint Andrew’s. I have been a camper, CIT, and counselor. To say the least, I love this place. I recently got married and will be moving to Scotland at the end of the camp season. Sadly, this means this year is probably my last year for a very long time. Oh, and I like to take a ton of photos, so the camp Facebook page may explode!


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