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Reflections from Baba’s Attic

I worked this fundraiser with several other locals- unpacking the donated items for the sale and setting up  the goods.  It was really alot of work but also a great chance to be with others who love the mission of the camp…we all agreed we want to do more..
But on to the  sale…the day it was sunny but with  nice breeze that made the working enjoyable…I have been at other sales and each year there is more interesting stuff for sale and more people coming…Some of the african art was authentic  from Ghana- very interesting and a hot item…as were some of the other prints, sketches and aoil painitngs…my mom always said garage sales can bring you treasures- unique and not everywhere seen.  And the Russian and  Slavic Paleh boxes, the  dolls and  carved bears were worth the bargain prices- hope there is more next year…
What would have made the day perfect for me and others , I think, was a little music and food…but strolling from one building to another  each with its own theme made lots of shoppers feel they were really in Baba’s Attic  without the dust!!!
This is a great no cost, though labor intensive for a few days- to help repurpose some of your beloved, but no longer used items …and to raise funds for the camp…