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2016 Annual Meeting – Saint Andrews Camp Foundation invitation

Dear Friends of St. Andrew’s Camp,

The Foundation will have its annual meeting Saturday October 8th at 11:30 am at the camp. This is an exciting year for us as we approach the 60th anniversary of the Camping Program. We are planning several events to celebrate the efforts and fruits of the labor of many and to look at expanding and strengthening our mission to youth and others in our community. As our society becomes more global and American life more secular, the need for all of us, but especially our young people, to find meaning and answers to these stresses in a Christin life, is ever more important. The love and forgiveness taught us by Christ are clearly the essential tools that survive and succeed in making our lives joyful.
This meeting invites all who would like to find out more about the camp or who would like to be more involved with the camp’s programs. We use this meeting to explore some of the program plans, to look at needs and projects for the upcoming few years and to look at ways of supporting this mission to youth. Your ideas and support and very welcome and we invite you to either become a foundation member or just come to see what you can do at this time. Support is needed in many areas in the form of attendance at events, labor – physical and mental- fundraising and donations spreading the word about the camp and doing some creative planning to increase use of our facilities.
Please join us at 11:30 for a light lunch and meeting. Look at the web page- www.standrewscamp.org- for updates on our programs. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can email us at Saintandrewscamp@aol.com with your thoughts or questions..
Please share this invitation with others who you may believe have an interest in bringing Christ into the lives of our youth – and into our own lives through fellowship, worship, learning and prayer.

St. Andrew’s Board