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Planning meeting Saturday November 18,2017 at Christ the Saviour Church in Balston Lake.

Dear Friends of St. Andrew’s Camp,
We have had a very good summer session at the camp and our 60th anniversary celebration was a very joyful and exciting time together.  Additionally. The Paramus Church, under the leadership of board member Anna Brasowski, sponsored a very successful Calendar Party for the benefit of the Camp.
It is now time to make plans for the future.  As attested to by many at the Anniversary celebration, St.  Andrew’s makes an important difference in the lives of young and old alike.  It is the mentoring of the staff, the questions and challenges of the Youth and the fellowship, liturgical life and the beautiful natural surroundings that opens our hearts and minds to God and plants the loving seed that never stops growing.
An important planning meeting will be held at Christ the Saviour Church in Balston Lake ( 349 Eastline Rd, Balston Lake, NY) on Saturday November 18th beginning from noon till 3pm.  We will discuss ideas for the regular camping program, for fundraising and our Capitol Campaign this year, explore ideas for the new Family Camp and Senior Camp.
If you are interested in any way, in being a part of the future of St. Andrew’s Camp, please come to this meeting.  We appreciate ideas, we encourage volunteers before, during and after camp to help – find out how-  we are looking for counselors, nurses, cooks, groundskeepers, carpenters, electricians, computer geeks, writers and communications talents, fund raisers, grant writers, painters, leaders and dishwashers, laundry workers and web-sale expertise….almost any talent you have is needed and we hope to see and hear from you.
We are also now accepting applications for the Board.  These will be available at the meeting along with a brief explanation of those responsibilities.
If you are able to join us, drop a quick email to saintandrewscamp@aol.com or call and leave a message, or a question, at 315 675-9771.
Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested in this meeting.
St. Andrew’s Camp Board