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Help a Camper – Archbishop Michael’s appeal for scholarship assistance.

May 25, 2018

Beloved in the Lord:

Glory to Jesus Christ!

As we embark on another summer season at Saint Andrew’s Camp this July, I write to you this appeal for the support of those young Orthodox Christians, being spiritually formed and educated in our Faith at our camping facility to become the future lay and clergy leaders of our Church, who are in need of scholarship assistance to attend camp this year.

Because of your help in the past, St. Andrew’s Camp has borne fruit in the ministries of hundreds of pastors, teachers and lay leaders for our parishes over the past 61 years, without having to turn away any child.  I pray you will renew your magnanimous support of our camp facility so that St. Andrew’s can continue to nourish our Church in the northeastern part of the country.

The cost of camp is $300 per camper per week.  We wholeheartedly want to accept every applicant for as many weeks as they would like, but some of their families cannot afford this cost.  What I am saying is simply this:  we cannot do this without your help!

I urge you to respond to this appeal as generously as you can from the many blessings you have received from God, in order to care for the needs of these young students, who one day will take care of the spiritual needs of our parishes and all of us.  Your special “gift of love” will enable St. Andrew’s Camp to continue the holy work of the upbringing of our children “in the instruction and teaching of the Lord.”

Please know how much I and all our administration, board of directors, clergy, counselors, staff, and campers appreciate your kindness and generosity.  Your most gracious contribution evokes the blessing promised to us in the Scripture:  “In all things, I have shown you that while working hard, one must help the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’” (Acts of the Apostles 20:35).

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this appeal.  I pray that God will reward you a hundredfold with all the good things that come from His hands.

With my prayers, my blessings and my love,


+ M I C H A E L

Archbishop of New York and the

Diocese of New York and New Jersey


“With us everything should be secondary compared to our concern with children,  and their upbringing in the instruction and teaching of the Lord.”  – St. John Chrysostom