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SemiAnnual Open Meeting November 23, 2019

The semiannual open meeting is to be held at Holy Resurrection Church in Wayne NJ  (285 French Hill Rd.) on Saturday November 23 from 12:30 to 3:30 pm.  If you interested in supporting this mission- either by volunteering, donating or using your skills to help our work there- please come to share your ideas and make plans for your involvement. 

    We need counselors, IT technical help, painters, cleaners, lifeguards, nurses, carpenters, grass cutters, fund raisers, writers, electricians, benefactors,  and any special talents you may wish to share.  Or just come to learn more about the camp and the opportunities for participating in our programs or renting our facilities!!

      For more questions please call us at 315 675-9771 or 315 383-2686.