Meet our Team 2010: Mom Volunteer Vino Chan!

In her first-ever visit to Saint Andrew’s camp, Vino joined the community with her two children (who are campers for weeks 1, 2, and 3) during the first week of camp, spending most of the week working hard and making everyone happy in the kitchen. Name: Vino Chan Hometown: Pearl River, New York Home Parish:  Christ the Savior, Paramus, NJ Previous Career: Trained in
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Beautiful Camp Sunsets

It isn’t rare to see beautiful scenes of all sorts in the skies above camp, either over the lake or over the open field.  Here are a few shots captured from recent sunsets at camp. Photos courtesy of Jeffrey Hoff.

A Quick Note from Todd!

Coming to work at St. Andrew’s Camp for the first time this year I did not know what to expect. My first week here was filled with some great information to help us do our job by keeping the campers safe, and have lots of fun. The second week the campers finally arrived from all over NY and NJ. It was great to meet
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Scenes from Week 2: Miscellaneous

Outstanding photos courtesy of Rachel Holman.

Scenes from Week 2: Chapel

Scenes from Week 2: Lake Oneida

Lake Oneida is truly a glorious wonder and ever-memorable part of camp. Campers and staff love it as a refuge to cool down and wind down, which happens on a daily basis in the late afternoons when our life guard visits, from 3:30 – 5 PM, just before chapel.  The water is fun, relaxing, and even therapeutic.  What a great gift!

Skit Night, week 2!

This week the overall theme for skits was Old Testament stories, specifically from the book of Daniel.  Half the campers performed Daniel in the Lions’ Den while the other half did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego (the three men in the furnace).  If you don’t recognize one of those stories, ask your child to explain it to you.  Most of them know both stories pretty
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Camp Rainbows

At the end of Vladika Michael’s week 2 visit, camp was graced with its first rainbow of the year! Camp rainbows are a site to see, though they are rare. Typically both the start and the end of the rainbow can be viewed from the perspective of the camp.

Scenes from Week 2: Archery

Baking at St. Andrew’s

One of the new choices for campers this year is baking.  Two days a week we make the evening snack for all the campers to enjoy.  Last week was Camping/Nature week, so we made Bugs on a Log (black raisins were ants, gold raisins were termites) and Mud with Worms.  This week is Music week, so it’s a little harder to come up with
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