Oct 13,2019 Calendar Party

2019 Ecology Week Photos

2019 Ecology Week, a report by Dennise Kraus

The last week in July at St Andrews Camp was  Ecology Week. This week the campers learned that God gives His life and love by giving the gift of Creation (the earth and space, stars and planets, living things – plants and animals and people). They enjoyed many aspects of the creation, including kayaking and swimming on Oneida Lake, as well as seeing planets
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A proper home for the stove.

The story starts with the old stove popping and hissing and leaking, kind of reflecting its environment. Too far gone to fix. The next chapter produces a replacement for the old stove. Thinking: wouldn’t it be just the thing to solve a slew of issues if the stove had a proper home? Something like this great spot near the prep tables in this blueprint?
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2019 Horse Week Photos

2019 Art Week Photos

Saint Andrews Camp Video 2019

2018 Bike Ride Photos

Final recital of ballroom dance class

2018 Music Week Photos