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Announcing the Saint Andrew’s Camp Song!

With thanks to Basil Kozak, who authored the lyrics and music to this piece, Saint Andrew’s Camp has an official camp song! Take a look, the lyrics are here.   A recording will soon follow. — SAINT ANDREW’S CAMP THEME SONG  (c) 2012 “From the rising to the setting of the sun, the Name of the Lord be praised!” Psalm 113.3 Fall out of
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Ecology Week at Saint Andrew’s comes to a close!

Ecology week was an exciting one!  With special thanks to Tara and Gary Paxton for their marvelous curriculum and exciting activities, we bring the third week of the 2012 season to a close! Bishop Michael spent three days (the latter part of the week) with campers, leading religious education and worship services.  Divine Liturgy was celebrated on Friday morning on the feast of St.
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Scenes from Week 3

Dear Clergy, Parents, Friends, Campers and All! Pleased to share photos with you of Week 3. The ones below are mostly from Tuesday’s trip to Green Lakes. See if you can find your child(ren) within! With special thanks to our photographer, Michael. More to come…

A Peek into Week 3 — Ecology Week

Ecology Week has just begun at Saint Andrew’s Camp, but lots has already happened despite some weather setbacks (rain)!  Volunteers Tara and Gary Paxton have kicked off the Ecology Week program with a T-shirt making activity.  Today, the campers are on a trip to Green Lakes State Park, where they are enjoying a nature walk coordinated with Mr. and Mrs. Paxton and a tour
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Meet our Team 2012: Counselor Gabe Monforte!

Name: Gabriel Monforte Place of Residence: St. Tikhon’s Seminary, South Canaan, PA Current Occupation: Choir Director at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Endicott, NY Church Ministries: Singing, reading, directing, typicon (setting-up services), serving, cleaning Favorite Sport: Baseball, since it’s a game of strategy where sheer size and brute force do not necessarily guarantee a win. Favorite Saint(s) and Why: My patron (Arch. Gabriel), of course; St. John Damascene,
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Greetings from Bishop Michael for the 2012 Camp Season Opening

It is a joy for me to greet you on the opening of the 2012 camping season. It is also a joy to introduce the Director of St. Andrew’s Camp for this year, Paul McDonald, a student at St. Tikhon’s Seminary in South Canaan, PA, who is entering his third and final year of study at the school. I know Paul well — he
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Meet Our Team 2012, Counselor Michael Chaykivsky

Name: Michael (“Mike”) Chaykivsky Place of Residence: Perth Amboy, New Jersey Church Ministries and Activities: I have served as an Altar Boy at my home parish and also do grass cutting for the church.    Favorite Camping Activity: Field trips and late night camp fire Favorite Sport: Wrestling and football Favorite Saint: Saint Nicholas

Meet our Team!! Stan Bilinski, Our 2012 Camp Chef

We are pleased and grateful to welcome back Stan Bilinski as our volunteer chef in the kitchen this summer.  Stan has been at camp since the start of June preparing for its opening.  Read on to learn more about the man behind Saint Andrew’s Camp cooking. Name:  Stan Bilinski Hometown:  Athens, Georgia Favorite Camp Memory: Years spent at Boy Scout camp every summer, and especially
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Meet our Clergy 2012!: Fr. Leonid Schmidt

Photo courtesy of http://www.cnyorthodoxchurch.org.   Name: Fr. Leonid Schmidt Family: My wife Laura and I were just married in July of 2011. Place of Residence: Matushka Laura and I moved to Syracuse just after we were married. If every winter here is like this last one, upstate New York might be the perfect place to live! Church Ministries: Before I became a priest, I was
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Meet our Clergy 2012! — Fr. Jason Vansuch

Name: Rev. Jason Vansuch Nickname: Padre Jackson (there is a story behind this) Family:  My beloved wife of 8 years – Matushka Katia.  As far as children, we have twins on the way who are due December 1 of this year!!! Place of Residence: Trenton, NJ Church Ministries:  I am the Chairperson for the Department of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of New York and
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