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Scenes from Week 2: Miscellaneous

Outstanding photos courtesy of Rachel Holman.

Scenes from Week 2: Chapel

Scenes from Week 2: Lake Oneida

Lake Oneida is truly a glorious wonder and ever-memorable part of camp. Campers and staff love it as a refuge to cool down and wind down, which happens on a daily basis in the late afternoons when our life guard visits, from 3:30 – 5 PM, just before chapel.  The water is fun, relaxing, and even therapeutic.  What a great gift!

Skit Night, week 2!

This week the overall theme for skits was Old Testament stories, specifically from the book of Daniel.  Half the campers performed Daniel in the Lions’ Den while the other half did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego (the three men in the furnace).  If you don’t recognize one of those stories, ask your child to explain it to you.  Most of them know both stories pretty
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Scenes from Week 2: Archery

Week 2: Music Week

We have begun our second week at camp! Our music teacher visiting this week, Basil Kozak, has begun working with the campers both in and out of the Chapel.  For Chapel, he prepares the campers with the liturgical music of the day and assists them with learning to sing the Creed and the many other beautiful songs in the services.  Many campers participate in the
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