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New Kitchen,

Building  Project,

"As a token of gratitude for the labors of love extended by the administration and staff, both clergy and laypersons, of St. Andrew’s over the past six decades, it is now time for us to help the Camp in an especially needed way. Our Diocese is asked to help build a new kitchen, dining hall and activities center for St. Andrew’s." (Archbishop Michael March 11, 2019)

Construction Estimate $300,000.

Fundraising so far $185,000.

New Dining Hall and Kitchen - $300,000.00

$185,000 has already been donated to the contruction of our new Dining Hall and Kitchen.

Recent Donations
$250.0007/18/21 @ 8:04pm
$192.7007/18/21 @ 10:58am
$500.0007/08/21 @ 3:01pm
$28.8706/23/21 @ 10:01pm
$50.0006/21/21 @ 11:02am



















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