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What’s New?

A proper home for the stove, a story about the proposed Kitchen, Dining Hall, and Activities Center

2019 Horse Week Photos, updated 3 (three) 4 (four) times – lotsa photos.

St George, Buffalo NY check presentation photos!

2017 Horse Week Photos! see the Blog.

A mom’s “thumbs up” supporting her children’s Saint Andrews Camp Experience. see the Blog.

2017 Music Week Photos!  see the Blog.

CALENDAR: 60th Saint Andrews Camp Anniversary September 23

CALENDAR: 2017 Bike Ride August 26

2017 Paschal Open House April 17. More detail here.

We are looking for off season volunteers – see more detail in the February Planning Meeting report.

Check out the 2016 Program Leaders page to see and learn about this year’s counselors!

Thank you to all those who attended the 2016 Paschal Open House Saturday May 7th.

Thank you for sending more 2015 Annual Bike Ride Photos, see them all in the Blog or click here!

2015 Art Week Photos! see the Blog.

A few more 2015 Bike Ride Photos added to the Bike Ride Photo Blog!

MORE Teen Week Photos! see the Blog.

MORE Horse Week Photos! see the Blog.

2015 Ecology Week Photos! see the Blog.

2015 St Andrews Camp Bike Ride Photos HERE.

Tip # 6 !!! is added to the list of tips to get ready for the August 22, 2015 Annual St Andrews Camp Bike Ride. This latest tip, The Event, complements and completes the other tips: Commit, The Bike, Begin, Ride, and Distance. Take a look.

Take a look at  2015 Horse Week photos here.

See 2015 Teen Week photos here.

Check out Reflections from Baba’s Attic!